vineri, 16 mai 2014

Michael Fullan on improving the teaching profession (Schimbarea de paradigmă și reinventarea școlii)

In line with his ideas, the well - known education expert professor Michael Fullan is emphasising once again the power of culture in the growth and development of teachers, in an excellent article published in The Globe and Mail on May 13, 2014 with a challenging title - Carrots and Sticks are Wrong Way to Motivate Teachers and whose conclusions are:

You don’t develop a profession or an organization by focusing on sticks and carrots aimed at individuals. All high-performing entities develop the group to focus collectively and relentlessly on quality work linked to high expectations and standards.

In short, if you know that growth and development of teachers is critical what strategy would you lead with: teacher evaluation, professional development or collaborative cultures? I know where I would put my money, and so does every other successful leader in organizations faced with challenging goals. Develop the culture and encompass evaluation and professional learning within it.


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