marți, 5 noiembrie 2013

Education - the bridge between the two worlds that we live in

Last month, Ken Robinson gave a very inspiring and creative talk at the Google Zeitgeist conference. In the video below, extremely beautiful images created by Maximilian Journey are illustrating Ken's words, perfectly matching their meaning:
 We really live in two worlds, don't we?There's a world that exists whether or not you exist, a world that came into being before you did. It was here before you got here. It will be here well long after you're gone. It's the world of other people, events, other circumstances.
Our education systems are pretty obsessed with that world.

But there's another world that exists only because you exist. It's the world of your own private consciousness, the world that came into when you did, the world, as somebody once said, where there's only one set of footprints. A world of your private passions, your motivations, your aspirations, your hopes, and your talents.

And I believe the future of the world around us, so far as we're concerned, depends on understanding much more about the world within us. And the more standardized our education systems become, the less amenable they are to allowing us to make those explorations. You have no idea what your talents are, I'm sure. So what I'm saying is if we're serious about exploring the world around us, we have to explore the world within us.

If we can flip our education to get to a better sense of human capacity, then I think we'll have a better chance of understanding and making sense of the world within us and the world around us.

Now, it may or may not be the case, but what we do know is that -the great bridge between the two worlds that we live in is education.

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