miercuri, 6 mai 2015

Educație, calitate, Pasi și Howard

Redau doar finalul unui recent excelent interviu cu doi ”mari”, Pasi Sahlberg și Howard Gardner, despre ce se mai întâmplă în educație zilele astea și despre cum au fost ei de acord că e vorba de”5E” când vorbim de calitate în acest domeniu: excelență, entuziasm, etică, empatie și echitate.

”Howard: Our research over two decades reveals that good education encompasses three factors: l) the quality of teaching and learning is excellent; 2) students and faculty are engaged in learning; 3) institutional policies and practices are carried out in an ethical way. We speak of the 'three Es" of good education: Excellence, Engagement and Ethics.
There is no 'golden way' to measure any of these Es; it is preferable to use a variety of measures -- devised in ways appropriate to particular institutions and their explicitly stated goals. Often this assessment is done more meaningfully and usefully by knowledgeable colleagues from peer institutions, rather than through surveys or short answer interviews.

How might Finland be seen as a place where Good Work is being done?

Pasi: I think Howard has a good interpretation of what Good Education is. I believe that the Finnish education system already addresses the three E's because its ethos is built on equality, cooperation and a strong individual approach to learning and personal development. Unlike in the U.S., where school education has become much more standardized and driven by external requirements, like bureaucratic accountability, standardized testing, and scripted teaching, Finnish schools are free to focus on 'good' education that leads to excellence, engagement and ethics. I would add two more E's from Finland to Howard's definition of Good Education: Empathy and Equity.

Howard: Agreed!”

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