miercuri, 16 iulie 2014

Facebook Lives

”Everyone on Facebook looks like they're having a great time. Fun adventures, deep romances, amazing jobs. It's enough to make you feel inadequate, but it's also a lie. Nobody is really as happy as their Facebook wall claims.

Ultimately, Facebook is a narcissistic playground where the best, the funniest, the most charming aspects of our lives are publicized and the shitty stuff, the boring stuff, the beige that is most of our daily grind almost never gets posted. All those walls are edited at some level and that makes them, at best, a deformed mirror image of real life or, at worst, nothing more than a fictional movie of how we want people to see us.
The solution? Just go live your life, focus on your present reality, and ignore the circus of social media.Trust me, you'll be a lot happier. ”

source: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/this-is-why-you-shouldnt-take-peoples-lives-in-facebook-1595563358?utm_campaign%3Dsocialflow_gizmodo_facebook&utm_source%3Dgizmodo_facebook&utm_medium%3Dsocialflow

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