marți, 16 septembrie 2014

Global Teacher Prize

”The Varkey GEMS Foundation launched the Global Teacher Prize to celebrate the best teachers around the world, those who inspire their students and the communities around them. The Global Teacher Award seeks to do for education what the Nobel Prize has done for science, literature, and peace. The focus is to uplift the valuable contributions that teachers make every day to establish a flourishing global society. If you’re a teacher currently teaching children in a compulsory setting or between the ages 5-18, you can apply today. If you know a teacher who deserves to win the Global Teacher Prize, you can nominate a teacher - deadline 4 October 2014.

Applicants of the prestigious Global Teacher Prize will be judged based on a rigorous set of criteria aimed to identify an extraordinary teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession. The Academy will look for evidence of:

  • Recognition of a teacher’s achievements in the classroom and beyond from pupils, colleagues, head-teachers or members of the wider community;
  • Employing innovative and effective instructional practices and achieving demonstrable student learning outcomes in the classroom;
  • Contributing to public debates on raising the bar of the teaching profession, whether through writing articles, blogs, media participation, social media campaigns, events or conferences;
  • Preparing children to be global citizens in a world where they will encounter people from many different religions, cultures and nationalities;
  • Developing and sharing innovative thought leadership that has improved access to quality teaching and education for children of all backgrounds;
  • Accomplishments beyond the classroom that provide unique and distinguished models of excellence for the teaching profession;
  • Encouraging others to join the teaching profession.”

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