joi, 4 septembrie 2014

Measuring Innovation in Education

The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development in its recent report “Measuring Innovation in Education: A New Perspective, Educational Research and Innovation” measures innovation in education in 22 countries.

”This book’s first objective is informative: it gives readers new international comparative information about innovation in education compared to other sectors. And it documents change in a variety of dimensions of school practices between 1999 and 2011. Its second objective is methodological: it assesses two approaches to capturing the extent and type of innovation occurring within and across education systems. The third objective is exploratory: this book showcases a large-scale pilot that presents over 200 measures of innovation in education using existing international data. Last but not least, the fourth objective is prospective: this report proposes new approaches to measuring innovation in education in the future.”

One conclusion is that “there have been large increases in innovative pedagogic practices across all countries in areas such as relating lessons to real life, higher order skills, data and text interpretation and personalization of teaching.”

Read the whole report for free here:

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