vineri, 10 aprilie 2015

Educating Ruby

Va fi lansata pe 23 aprilie, autorii sunt nume grele,  are deja un site propriu, îndeamnă la acțiune și vrea să  formeze în jurul ei o comunitate responsabilă, a celor care vor să facă din școli locuri unde să se învețe cei 7C de pe copertă.

Ruby is battling her own challenges in the school classroom. She wants to learn, but the system conspires against her; she feels that what she is being taught has little relevance to the skills she will need when she enters the workplace. A once keen pupil, she becomes bored and possibly disruptive. Her parents face a daily challenge to motivate her even to go to school – though in their heart of hearts they sympathise with her complaints.”(

”Educating Ruby: What Our Children Really Need To Learn is a powerful call to action by acclaimed thought-leaders Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas. It is for everyone who cares about education in an uncertain world and explains how teachers, parents and grandparents can cultivate confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship in children, at the same time as helping them to do well in public examinations. Educating Ruby shows, unequivocally, that schools can get the right results in the right way, so that the Rubys of tomorrow will emerge from their time at school able to talk with honest pleasure and reflective optimism about their schooling. Featuring the views of schoolchildren, parents, educators and employers and drawing on Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas’ years of experience in education, including their work with Building Learning Power and the Expansive Education Network, this powerful new book is sure to provoke thinking and debate. Just as Willy Russell’s Educating Rita helped us rethink university, the authors of Educating Ruby invite fresh scrutiny of our schools.”( Amazon)

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