miercuri, 25 iunie 2014

Ignoră școlile talentele copiilor?(Schimbarea de paradigmă și reinventarea școlii)

Un interviu dat de Sir Ken Robinson acum câteva zile pentru Learning World - despre cum școala adesea ignoră talentele copiilor, despre cum ar trebui reorganizată învățarea în jurul unei sarcini de lucru și nu pe discipline și ore de 50 de minute și despre profesori, care ar trebui să fie ca niște alchimiști și să creeze lucruri minunate dintr-un ”material uman” care, la prima vedere, nu arată deloc promițător.

 ”There is a huge area of innovation in how we organise schools internally – most schools are organised by subjects  and they divide the day into small bits of 50-60 minutes. We should organise schools around a task that people actually do.” 

 ”A great teacher is like an alchemist – he can create wonderful things from what would seem very unpromising materials, but I believe all children have great promise and it is the job of education to make them fulfill it.”

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  1. Robinson has suggested that to engage and succeed, education has to develop on three fronts. First, that it should foster diversity by offering a broad curriculum and encourage individualization of the learning process; Secondly, it should foster curiosity through creative teaching, which depends on high quality teacher training and development; And finally, it should focus on awakening creativity through alternative didactic processes that puts less emphasis on standardized testing thereby giving the responsibility for defining the course of education to individual schools and teachers. He believes that much of the present education system in the United States fosters conformity, compliance, and standardization rather than creative approaches to learning. Robinson emphasizes that we can only succeed if we recognize that education is an organic system, not a mechanical one. Successful school administration is a matter of fostering a helpful climate rather than “command and control”.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Valeria! Sir Ken Robinson’s ideas should be shared and passed on to as many teachers and headteachers as possible!