joi, 19 iunie 2014

European Area of Skills and Qualifications

A new Eurobarometer survey on the 'European Area of Skills and Qualifications' (Special Eurobarometer 417) that was released two days ago shows that around a quarter (23%) of EU citizens feel that their education or training has not provided them with the skills to find a job in line with their qualifications. 

Other findings from the Eurobarometer survey:
  • The most important aspects of education and training, according to EU citizens, relate in particular to a teacher’s ability to engage and motivate students. This area is seen as needing the most improvement (51%). Other areas for improvement are learning environments to stimulate creativity and curiosity (41%), and practical work experience with a company or organisation (37%).
  • A large majority of EU citizens (95%) consider that skills can be gained outside of formal education, particularly foreign language skills and skills that can be used in different jobs.
  • Only 9% say they know the level of the European Qualifications Framework to which their qualifications correspond, and just 21% have heard of the European Qualifications Framework.
  • Overall, when looking at a variety of tools that can be used to document skills and qualifications, awareness is generally low. The most commonly mentioned tool is the Europass CV (15%).
  • In total, 44% of EU citizens say that they have looked for information of some kind on education, training or career guidance. Just over half of respondents (56%) say they found it at least quite easy to find the information they needed. 

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